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26th May 2015 Two Bono's at the LA Forum


Joe Hier (Hollywood Bono of Hollywood U2) singing live on stage with U2 and Bono at The Forum Los Angeles 26th May 2015

How does it get any better than this?
Hollywood U2’s front man Joe Hier aka Hollywood Bono, was spotted by Bono (yes the man himself) on May 26, 2015 opening night of U2’s Innocence and Experience Tour at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Bono said “I see me, I saw myself, where is he? Dude, get up here I have always wanted to meet you”. Joe dressed as the 10 year younger Vertigo tour Bono is then let up on stage.

Bono looks at him and says “You really are me” but the events that unfold are even more incredible, as Bono decides half way through “The Sweetest Thing” to duet with Joe, when he hears Joe sing, he mouths “WOW” yes Bono said "WOW” and hands the mic completely to Hollywood Bono.

He then walks to his piano with confidence, and lets Joe Hier sing with U2, the crowd roars and the faces of U2 are all smiles. It was an amazing moment captured throughout social media, news stations & newspapers from the UK to the USA,  “Rolling Stone”, “New York Daily News” & more.

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