Hollywood U2 have countless glowing testimonials from fans & clients. Contact us now to talk about booking your venue, private party, wedding or corporate event.

As U2 fans themselves it’s important for them to perform the music of U2 with the heart, passion and spirit of U2, giving the music the detail and attention it deserves. They can bring you a U2 show in one specific or multiple eras. What’s your favorite? Zoo TV? Elevation? Vertigo? i.e. Tour? etc.

Hollywood U2 bring the music and passion of U2 to U2 fans on a small intimate level that is not possible to have with U2, at large stadium concerts. They perform to bring the message of U2’s music to lovers of good music everywhere. “The word Love is in almost every U2 song” say’s Joe “with everything going on in the world that’s what we want people to feel and take home with them at our shows”. Playing music that spans U2’s over 40 year career and paying tribute to U2’s most Iconic Tours and looks, you can be sure this will be a U2 show of Epic proportions.

Getting Married? Ask us about our Wedding rates, we can perform anything from a full show with video content all the way down to an intimate short acoustic set with Joe Hier (Hollywood Bono) & Stevie Adams (as The Edge) performing acoustically to you and your guests.

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